To the registration form at the bottom of the page


If your institution provides a link resolver for your patrons and/or employees you may register here.

The registration form will ask you to provide the following data about your institution:

Name and address
To identify the institution and for geo-locating it.
IP addresses
So that the users of this gateway do not need to manually select their institution (as long as they are using a computer connected to your intranet).
One or two personal contacts
For possible further enquiries by us and to receive the credentials for updating your data.
Link resolver data
To enable the gateway to construct the appropriate OpenURLs for redirecting the users to your local resolver.
If necessary, the gateway will convert the incoming OpenURL according to the capabilities of your resolver (supported OpenURL protocol version, character set).

If your institution has branch offices in different locations you may register each one separately. However, you need to assign unique names for every entry (e.g. "University of Whatever, Neverland Campus") and you can assign the same IP address only once!

Next steps after registration

After completing your registration you (i.e., the contact(s) you provided) will receive a confirmation e-mail. To prevent spam entries the hbz checks and unlocks each registration manually.
Once we unlock your registration you will receive another confirmation e-mail and users will be able to see and select your institution.
Together with the unlock confirmation you will also receive a password which you can use to update your data in the future.

Supported link resolvers

It does not matter which link resolver software you use and if you host it yourself or use one hosted by a company. Since a OpenURL resolver by definition supports the OpenURL standard the gateway can redirect the users to each and every one of them.

Data publication (optional)

You can decide for yourself if the hbz may publish your data. Sharing the data will not be limited to selected institutions but completely public.

Using the published data other information service providers might, e.g., provide their own link resolver selection in their own interface and spare the user from taking the detour via this gateway.

Please note: All data (address, website, resolver url, etc.) is publicly available by some means or other anyway (though not necessarily as conveniently). Of course we will not share the contact data!

Before continuing, please use the search functions on the start page to ensure that there isn´t already an entry for your institution.
If that is the case but the origin of the older registration is unknown please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the necessary credentials for updating the existing registration.